What they expect

The investor community – financial markets, our shareholders, debt investors and research analysts – expects us to be extensive and transparent. We should be clear in our strategy, objectives and outlook, and transparent about executive remuneration. Their main interest is our commitment to creating value. They want timely and accurate updates and ample opportunity to seek clarification and ask questions.

How we engage

We organize key corporate events such as the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, capital markets days, and meetings with analysts, credit rating agencies and investors during roadshows and conferences. We also provide relevant company information through timely press releases and regular publications such as our quarterly results and integrated annual report.

Presentations for, and meetings with, investors and analysts are held on a regular basis, including those in connection with the publication of KPN's quarterly results. On the same day as the publication of the quarterly results, KPN organizes a presentation that is broadcast live to ensure that all stakeholders receive the same information at the same time.