The Remuneration Policy sets out the policy within which the Supervisory Board can determine the individual remuneration of members of the Board of Management. Based on this policy, the following remuneration packages have been set:

Remuneration packages individual current members of the Board of Management

Member Position Base salary1 (EUR) On-target STI (% annual base salary) On-target LTI (% annual base salary)
Joost Farwerck CEO 892,500 90 % 135 %
Chris Figee CFO 688,500 60 % 90 %
Marieke Snoep CCM 663,000 60 % 90 %
Chantal Vergouw2 CBM 663,000 60 % 90 %
Wouter Stammeijer2 COO 663,000 60 % 90 %
Hilde Garssen CPO 510,000 60 % 90 %

1 As of 1 October 2022

2 Appointed as from 1 June 2023

Benefits and other arrangements:

  • Defined contribution pension plan; fixed allowance for annual base salary above the statutory cap
  • Specific allowances based on individual circumstances.
  • 4-year appointment term
  • Share ownership guideline of 250% (CEO) or 150% (other members) of annual base salary, to be reached within 5 years
  • Severance arrangement of one-year base salary in case of certain termination events
  • KPN does not grant loans or guarantees to members of the Board of Management

Remuneration Policy

The applicable remuneration policy for members of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board, as approved by the shareholders meeting on 15 April 2020, can be downloaded below.

Remuneration Reports

Relevant details on individual remuneration can be found in the annual remuneration reports, which are included in the Integrated Annual Report, and can also be downloaded below.