KPN continuously invests in its network, products and customers, resulting in high quality fixed and mobile networks and improved customer experience across all segments. KPN continues to focus on improving the customer experience further by investing in capacity, reliability and stability of its networks. KPN’s execution of its strategy and multi-year cash generation perspective enables the company to structurally return additional capital to its shareholders.

For 2024, KPN will grow the share of dividends within the total shareholder distribution as it intends to pay a regular dividend of € 17 cents per share (+13% y-on-y) and execute a € 200m share buyback. For the years 2025-2027, dividend per share is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~7% and the remainder of Free Cash Flow is expected to be returned through share buybacks.

KPN remains committed to an investment grade credit profile and targets a leverage ratio of less than 2.5x.